team development

Our goal at Pro North Hockey is to create a collaborative coaching environment alongside your coaching staff to co-construct specific practice plans for your team. Our high tempo practices teach and reinforce the proper techniques of individual skill development. In addition, we offer offensive/defensive specific training, team tactics and strategy. We will work with your team weekly, monthly, yearly. Our team will work around your team schedule.

***Please contact Pro North via email or phone for customized packages and rates***

team evaluations

Our goal at Pro North Hockey is to ensure an unbiased and professional team evaluation for your association’s hockey tryouts. We have planned and developed on ice tryouts and evaluations for various organizations within the Barrie and Surrounding Area. There are many options available including Goalie tryouts, Player Tryouts, Player Evaluations and Player Tryouts. We work with each organization to develop a package specific to your needs.

***Please contact Pro North via email or phone for customized packages and rates***

group lessons (3-4 players)

Small Group Skills Training is a great way to improve on specific individual skills in a favorable learning setting. Small group lessons are a great option if you’re looking for a private coaching atmosphere with the competition and learning environment of other players. 

semi private lessons(2 players)

Semi-Private Lessons is one of the most effective and efficient teaching methods for hockey players of any level. This provides players with an intense and productive environment on a 2-1 teaching ratio. This allows each player to still get the maximum amount of reps during the drills with the luxury of a 2:1 coaching ratio. 

private lessons

This is dedicated 1 on 1 time with the coach and player. This option provides the most learning. We design a plan that is tailored solely for the player. This gives the maximum coaching to player feedback.


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